hello i'm frerin, 24, pronoun indifferent

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once i wanted to make really cartoony stylized trees and ya know what i still think they are cute

being a creator be like that sometimes ✏️

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to all of the queer and lgbtq folks who have had their own identities used as an example of what is "ruining the lgbt community":

you deserve respect

you deserve representation

you deserve a welcoming place in the lgbtq community

and you are absolutely allowed to celebrate yourself

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gendered titles are OUT i'm refering to everyone now as either "gamers" or "party people" and that's that on that

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i thought this said 'gendered titties are out' and i was like 'you're damn right'

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I may or may not be getting into this picrew deal XD Can find this one here

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this one is so good!!!

theres a great range of skin tones, theres curly/coily hair options, and there are head scarves!! also look at that aro pin B) (theres a lesbian pin too!!!!)

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posting on tumblr is like speaking to an audience in an auditorium but there's only two rows full and they're all in the back on their phones

where as posting on water fall is like standing upfront in a classroom with six students who are talking among each other but pause to listen when you talk

the moomin figure that my best friend won for me arrived, it was a mystery box and i got snorkmaiden!! she is super tiny and so cute!!!! iloveitaaaa

Epic Dress Up


  • skin tones: most diverse I've found! wish that were saying more. There are 6 skin tones with decent variation in them!
  • not one I usually mention, but there's a couple different nose shapes than the typical as well
  • Hair: okay so at first glance it might look like there's not a lot of options, however there are some more ethnic styles in here that I have never seen in other picrews
  • Headgear: horns, hats, and...okay, I hesitate to label it as a hijab because I might be wrong and it might be one of the other styles that I don't know the name of and I am so sorry if I'm wrong but I want to make sure to mention it because I haven't seen a single other picrew with something like this as an option
  • clothes: bit limited, but some rainbow options!
  • I don't know how to label this but you can put some queer flags on your face too (bit limited but not too terribly)
  • wings: 2 options

I know it's still limited but this is the most diverse picrew I've seen on top of the art style being super cute too!

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*sees the danganronpa option (the bears)* *chooses it even though it doesn't go with the hair*

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stealing this from my animal crossing blog on tumblr becauses its a mood

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my librarians room in animal crossing

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imn just a creacher...

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no discourse

only D I R T

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she monch, she cronch

70s too-ticky is so extra and i love it

alt version with my fave color!

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letterboards: *usually meant for something inspirational or motivational*

my letterboard: [[IMAGE:[[54945

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girls are so pretty........

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me at 15: im just so much more mature than other people my age. they dont care about anything important. truly I was born middle-aged

me at 21: im babey

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screencap below

really wish i hiked on the mountain right now- it looks beautiful whenever i see pictures


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tried something out

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i love video games so much......... hope i gain literally any level of competency in them someday